Governing online speech

How platforms struggle with moderating speech and regulating online hate

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24 Sep
6:30 pm
7:20 pm

About the Session

More people get their news from social media than ever before. Research and reports show those who get their news from platforms are more likely to fall prey to misinformation and online conspiracy theories. As the platforms struggle to moderate speech, governments and regulators, amidst the clamour to rein in big tech, are drafting laws for misinformation and online hate. From Germany’s Network Enforcement Act to Singapore’s Protection From Online Falsehoods and Manipulation Act, there is growing public support and interest in laws that govern platforms. 

The session will discuss what makes the link between platform’s architecture and misinformation, and between private online governance structures like Facebook Oversight Board and laws, who can regulate speech better and the risks its implementation runs, from user privacy to over censoring speech . 

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