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A big thank you to everyone who joined in and made TMR 2021 a success.

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Thank you

A big thank you to everyone who joined in and made TMR 2022 a success.

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Gender in Newsrooms

From hiring to reporting, how can newsrooms walk the talk on gender?

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Presentation: Optimising reader revenue

Presentation By Alex Chapko

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Why Media Rumble?


From news to cinema, the forum will explore issues the media has grappled with in the last one year. Our media sessions include key subjects, ranging from gender in newsrooms to climate journalism to journalist safety.


Tech is central to the rapid digital transformation taking place in media and the world. We discuss digitising education and use of technology for sustainable business models, its conflicts and the opportunities it presents for the media industry.


Policy governing media and platforms have been key news subjects. The forum discusses various aspects of civil society, shrinking civil spaces, India- US relationship, challenges of reporting on various regimes and disinformation in the Russo-Ukrainian War.

What speakers say

मीडिया रंबल एक अहम इवेंट हैं ख़ास तौर पर जब हाशिए पर खड़े समाज, महिलाओं और विविधता की बात आती है। मीडिया जगत के तथाकथित “ऊंची जाति” लोगों को हाशिए पर खड़े लोगों से सुनना चाहिए और सीखना चाहिए, न केवल मुख्य धारा की मीडिया को जिसे लोग रात दिन न्यूज रूम में विविधता पर कोसते हैं बल्कि स्थापित डिजिटल मीडिया को भी।

Babita Gautam
Journalist, Founding Editor at The Voice and Co-Founder of DailtDesk
TMR 2022

The media rumble has spawned a new narrative of inclusive India, reaching out to all segments of its population and empowering those often unheard or ignored to claim their space and share their stories.

Nona Arhe
Writer and Independent Researcher
TMR 2022

At a time when objective, fact-based journalism is imperilled, The Media Rumble provided ample evidence that facts matter and that quality journalism in India will not only survive but thrive and prosper.

Michael Rezendes
Investigative Journalist,
The Boston Globe
TMR 2017

The Media Rumble was an impressive event. It took me days to shake off all that I experienced at the forum, to return to my work. It was one of the best conferences I had been to, where the energy was infectious.

Suki Kim
TMR 2017

It was great to be a part of a media conference that caters to and includes media outlets in the Global South. Too often this experience is left out of coverage of newsroom trends. It was great to hear from peers in other regions about their experiences creating sustainable newsrooms.

Deborah Augustin
Membership Engagement
Manager, New Naratif
TMR 2021

The Media Rumble is an important event because it’s a critique from within…the media is looking within, but it’s also asking others to look at itself, particularly at a time like this when the media is playing a very crucial role in shaping public opinion.

Vrinda Grover
Lawyer and Human Rights
TMR 2018

A platform like this gives us a chance to interact with people within the fraternity, come together, and come up with solutions and ways in which we can tackle this kind of crisis that is happening.

Neha Dixit
Independent Journalist
TMR 2020

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