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Why attend The Media Rumble?


From news to cinema, the forum will explore issues the media has grappled with in the last one year. Our media sessions include key subjects, ranging from the Afghanistan crisis and Pegasus project to the rise of independent creators


Tech is central to the rapid digital transformation taking place in media and the world. TMR 2021 will discuss the overlap between tech and media, use of technology for sustainable business models, its conflicts and the opportunities it presents for the media industry.


Policy governing media and platforms have been key news subjects this year. The forum will discuss the implications of the new IT rules, internet governance, climate negotiations and how the world sees China.

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At a time when objective, fact-based journalism is imperilled, The Media Rumble provided ample evidence that facts matter and that quality journalism in India will not only survive but thrive and prosper.

Michael Rezendes
Investigative Journalist,
The Boston Globe

The Media Rumble was an impressive event. It took me days to shake off all that I experienced at the forum, to return to my work. It was one of the best conferences I had been to, where the energy was infectious.

Suki Kim

A platform like this gives us a chance to interact with people within the fraternity, come together, and come up with solutions and ways in which we can tackle this kind of crisis that is happening.

Neha Dixit
Independent Journalist

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