M.K Venu

Founding Editor and Director of online multimedia news portal ,The Wire (thewire.in), which offers critical analyses in the area of policy and politics. The role of born digital news media in seeking public accountability and within that context the evolution of The Wire last six years has been the most rewarding experience for me. As a working journalist for 37 years I have performed leadership roles in reputed newspapers such as The Economic Times, The Financial Express and The Hindu and Amar Ujala. Have written for the editorial pages of the The Economic Times, Indian Express, Financial Express and The Hindu.

My writings have largely related to analysing the political economy transformation of India in the wake of its rapid economic globalisation and the new faultlines in politics and governance this has created since the 1991 reforms. The impact of this on various sections of society such as the rurban middle class, farmers and small service providers in rural areas has been of particular interest to me.

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