Madhu Trehan speaks to a reporter who went undercover in North Korea

People live under constant fear of persecution in North Korea, says Kim

A South Korean-born American journalist, Suki Kim, went undercover in North Korea to report about the country’s state of affairs. In a one-on-one conversation with Newslaundry’s Madhu Trehan at The Media Rumble, Kim spoke about fear that surrounds the lives of everyday North Koreans.

“One way people justify war is by dehumanising the subject,” Kim said speaking about how can people deal with issues such as war.

Kim also spoke about her undercover role as a teacher and her interaction with the students who have no access to the outside world. While North Korea is not a society where students can express their frustration of the regime, they are also raised differently, Kim said, adding, “students are under tremendous pressure because if they don’t follow the regime’s guidelines, they and their families will be persecuted.”

Kim also spoke about the isolation and stress one faces during such projects. She spoke about her living conditions, realities of being under cover and the courage it takes to be embedded. To hear more Kim’s undercover reportage, watch In Conversation with Suki Kim below.

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