Masterclass by Google News Initiative India Training Network - FactQ: Verification Lessons from the Elections

What have the recently concluded polls taught us about fact-checking? A quick run-through on verifying photos, videos and posts that you spot online.

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2nd Aug
1:55 pm
4:45 pm



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About the Session

The workshop will highlight major trends and narratives of Covid-19 misinformation. It will offer ways to track, identify and debunk misinformation online. The workshop will introduce quick tools and techniques to verify images, video and text misinformation, while also orienting them into critical thinking. This workshop is a part of a larger fact-checking training initiative by Google News Initiative run in collaboration with DataLEADS which has benefited more than 1100 Indian newsrooms, 700+ universities and journalism colleges and trained over 30,000 media practitioners in more than 10 languages since 2018.

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